Providing COVID19 Support

During this uncertain time, we appreciate how important local support groups are for people who need help and support.

If you need help then check out the South Cambs website here.. 

Here is just one example of community help.

BAR HILL COVID-19 SUPPORT has been set up in Bar Hill about 12 week ago by Kevin Potts - Citizens Advice, Charles Mather - Local Church Minister, Bunty Waters - Conservative District Councillor and Sarah Whitfield to support people through the COVID-19 crisis.

They have a team of approx 120 dedicated volunteers, with a Coordinator for each of the streets in the village, providing support for each group of street volunteers.

They cover the entire village of Bar Hill which is 1800 homes and over 4000 people.

They provide 7 services:

  1. Shopping for those isolating and shielding
  2. Collection and delivery of prescriptions. 
  3. Emergency Food Bank
  4. Advice (benefits, employment, debt, housing, immigration law)
  5. Mental Health Support
  6. Befriending service
  7. Collection and delivery of hot food for those who attended Over Day Centre and similar village schemes.

It is clear that their voluntary work had a huge impact on the community and they have received very positive feedback from people, with lots of support and appreciation from the entire community.

" Just want to make clear our volunteers are amazing and our Support Scheme will continue until there is no longer any need for it." Kevin Potts said.

Their impact in numbers across just 12 weeks are brilliant:

  • Advice: 301
  • Food Parcels: 50+
  • Surplus Gov Food Parcels: 26
  • Mental Health Support: 40+
  • Befriending telephone calls: 20+
  • Shopping and prescriptions approx 150+