Conservatives welcome Cambridge South location announcement

Conservatives across South Cambridgeshire have welcomed the news that Network Rail has listened to residents
and identified the preferred location of the proposed new railway station for Cambridge South.

south cambs conservatives supporting new station


The new station is proposed to be located adjacent to the Guided Busway, corresponding with Option 1 presented to the public. The chosen location follows a review of engineering and design information together with the results of a public consultation.


Cambridge South Railway Station location


The station will also provide direct access to a range of potential routes on the rail network for those in South Cambridgeshire and better connections across the southern fringe of the city.

Anthony Browne MP commented:

I am delighted that Network Rail has listened to residents and identified option one as the preferred location.

Having campaigned hard for this station, this announcement marks an important step towards completion. This schedule ties in with the ambitious opening date in 2025, announced on the floor of the House by the Chancellor in March. I will continue to work with the Treasury, Department of Transport and the Combined Authority to make this project a success.

Commuters and patients alike are crying out for the quick and convenient access this station will provide. Alongside the new East West Rail link, this Government is delivering a bright future for our region’s railways.

James Palmer, Mayor of Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority, said:

This is a very welcome step forward.  Anything which brings this much-needed station closer is good news. This is the right place for commuters and we just need to see the pace kept up until the station is delivered and can start working for people.

Cllr Heather Williams, SCDC Conservative Group leader, added:

Delivering a Cambridge South Station has been a conservative campaign for many years. The Bio-Medical campus serves not only as a key source of employment, but also offers vital medical services for our area.

This station will significantly reduce congestion and will greatly benefit those of us who are faced with constant traffic on the way to work or to the hospital,

Cllr Mark Howell, Cambridgeshire County Council, said

The County Council have listened to the people of Cambridgeshire and are supporting the Cambridge South Station, where it is wanted by the people who want it and more importantly will use it.