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Providing COVID19 Support

During this uncertain time, we appreciate how important local support groups are for people who need help and support.

If you need help then check out the South Cambs website here.. 

Here is just one example of community help.

Local Conservatives react to World Environment day

Friday 5th June 2020 was World Environment day,
many local Conservatives came out in support of the day
and joined the calls for more action to tackle climate change and other environmental concerns.

South Cambridgeshire MP Anthony Browne:

South Cambridgeshire elected Anthony Browne as its MP

South Cambridgeshire is now represented by Anthony Browne MP who was elected at the General Election on 12th December. 

The full results are:

Anthony Browne (Conservative)

Vote share:46.3%

Dan Greef (Labour)

First year of Lib Dem council's spending spree

Chair, I said last year when the administration of Cllr Bridget Smith took power that we would not oppose for the sake of opposition.  

"So when Cllr Heylings brought forward her motion on zero carbon we supported it – and even seconded it.